Health Education Program
For Developing Communities
(The Most Important Knowledge)
The WHO World Health Report emphasizes the following as one of the
most important problems in both developed and developing countries:      
"Misdirected care. Resource allocation clusters around
curative services at great cost, neglecting the potential of
primary prevention and health promoting to prevent up to
70% of the disease burden."
Of all their healthcare needs, the greatest by far is for reliable health care
information. Although  life-saving information is available from
the best evidence-based sources, it seldom reaches our patients or even
their healthcare providers. Many websites provide conflicting, biased and
erroneous advice.
---This program was created to provide the most important
healthcare information to the people who need it most.
The program:
empowers physicians, patients, families, churches and the local
community to save lives and relieve suffering through health
promotion and prevention of their most common and serious health
2. addresses the most important health problems in "developed" as well
as "developing" countries
3. is based on the most critical global health care needs as specified in
the latest World Health Organization (WHO) World Health Reports.
4. emphasizes the top 10 leading risk factors globally that cause the most
deaths and suffering.
5. includes the world-wide epidemic of heart disease, stroke, diabetes
and other non-communicable diseases (A "Slow Motion Disaster").
6. describes WHO guidelines for prevention and care of these as well as
other common diseases through “reducing risk and promoting healthy
7. includes mental health and other recommendations for recovering from
disasters, physical or sexual assault, or other serious accidental or war-
inflicted injury.  
8. enables a holistic approach to care of the whole person: body,
mind and spirit.    
9. incorporates WHO guidelines such as “Integrated Management of
Childhood Illness” and provides additional lifesaving evidence-based
guidelines from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and
other WHO collaborating partners.
10. includes the written Handbook as well as corresponding 60 full color
Illustrations free for downloading in 9 languages:
--The 8.5 x 11 inch PDF files are either viewed directly on mobile phone,
computer or projector, or printed in the 8.5 x 11 inch letter-size.  
--The 11 x 17 inch PDF Illustration files are used for laminated posters.
11. provides life-saving evidence-based information for US and global:
--Healthcare organizations (Hospital, Clinic & Community)
--Provider training schools and courses
--Short and long-term missions
--Church/Community Health Education (CHE)
--Church/Community Health Education & Screening (CHE&S)
--Church/Community Health Fairs (Usually includes CHE&S).
12. enables the integration of primary care and community health at
the hospital, clinic/health center, and family/community levels of care. This
remains the
key to community transformation and the success of
healthcare systems in both developed and
developing countries
.--See How to Use the Program
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Most patients we see in both developed and developing countries
are suffering from diseases that are
NON-PROFIT/CONFLICT OF INTEREST VALIDATION: The Health Education Program For Developing
Communities (HEPFDC)
is a free public health service of the non-profit public benefit charity Standards of
Excellence in Healthcare Missions(SOEHM) C3211932   EIN 27-0362344.
--HEPFDC's purpose is to provide the
most important evidence-based healthcare information to the people
who need it most.  
--The content is obtained from the WHO and its collaborating partners such as the CDC.
--There is no advertising and no personal information is collected.
--The editor, HEPFDC, and SOEHM receive no royalties or compensation of any kind related to the
Education Program for Developing Communities
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